The Perfect Color Combinations: What Do Your Home Colors Say About You? 

Your favorite color says a lot about you. Colors hold the power of communicating certain behaviors, emotions, actions, and moods in almost everything we do in our everyday lives. Industries know the psychology behind colors and choose to use them to their advantage to influence the way consumers think and act. It’s important to remember though, that color psychology is also inherited in us as individuals, and the colors we choose to have around us influence us and say a lot about us. Look around you right now; what colors are the walls in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and all other rooms in your house? Why did you choose those specific colors, and how do you think they influence you every day without even realizing it? Let’s take a look at some powerful color combinations that you can choose for your interior décor and what they represent. 

The Psychology of Colors

Let’s go through the colors of the rainbow really quickly and sum up what each color represents (taking into consideration that one color can have both positive and negative representations). Although colors are relatively subjective, some effects have a universal meaning. 

Red – A powerful, strong, and attractive color displaying excitement, love, strength, and energy while also relating to caution, danger, and anger. 

Orange – The color of beautiful autumn leaves. This color calls for warmth, confidence, and a calming sensation but can also have a downside of pessimism and superficiality. 

Yellow – A bright and fun color indeed! Yellow colors have a happy and positive hue that shows hope, cheerfulness, illumination, and fun. Too much yellow can also represent anxiety, worry, criticism, and cowardice. 

Green – The color of mother nature, balance, growth, healing, and comfort; all things nice. However, it can also lead to feelings of envy, greed, jealousy, and selfishness. 

Blue – Usually used most in business and corporate uniforms, this color represents trust, honor, dependability, and nobility. Blue can also show maturity in old age and somewhat boringness. 

Purple – Purple inspires creativity in imagination and spirituality. The color heightens a sense of beauty and shows superiority. 

5 Successful Color Combinations for Interior Décor

Navy Blue and Light Brown 

A classic combination for an elegant yet corporate look, perhaps for your home office? Blue walls paired with some leather brown will give off the serious ambiance you may want to portray. 

Beige and Pearly Pink 

A peaceful and inspiring combination perfect for unwinding, socializing, studying, and more. The bright colors light up the room and give off an encouraging ambiance filled with creativity. 

Cherry Red and Golden Yellow 

The perfect color combination for a sense of luxury. It says high-end and luxurious but is also great for a little quiet time. 

Army Green and Burnt Orange 

Not interested in that burst of bright color combinations in your house? Not a problem, you can always go for the toned-down army green walls and burnt orange furniture. Compatible, somewhat neutral, and still classy.

Pistachio Green and Purple 

Opposites do attract, and they make an amazing combination. The lightness of the green color gives off a calming and relaxing sensation. Adding the purple makes it more fun and gives the room just a bit more edge to it. 

Colors at Credec 

Credec produces sustainable tiles, faucets, and sanitary ware that bring you quality and creativity in décor customizable for your every need and desire. At Credec’s showroom, you get provided with a team of experts who help you choose your desired combination of colors for your home and visualize it through the virtual reality simulation. Interested in designing a colorful bathroom filled with your very own customizable experiences? Give us a call, and let’s get started!

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